Seven years and a finish line

Seven years and a finish line

When I heard about Amanda Hocking, and later Hugh Howey, writing a book that others would read became possible. I search Amazon for a book on how not to suck at writing and found Immediate Fiction by Jerry Carver. Within those page, he disclosed a dangerous truth that the fat dead guy from Ratatouille would have loved: anyone one can write. But more specifically, it’s okay to suck because you can fix it when you edit. Armed with that knowledge, and a few epic scene from the book I always wanted to write, I started. The writing sucked bad enough that I decided to start with a story idea I didn’t love quite as much to get some experience first.

The second story began with the question “What if there were a boy on a bus who thought everything around him existed in his imagination and he wrote about it in a notebook.” He’d meet a girl and his action would uninhibited because he believed it wasn’t real. That’s where I started. Somehow, all kinds of craziness crept in over seven years.

Last night at 3:06 AM, I finished the third pass on my novel with the help of an amazing content editor. I’m exhausted and eager to get the book out there, but there’s still more work to be done.

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